Sherry Jeffery is a maker, smartphoneographer, wife and mother. She lives in beautiful Kingston, Ontario.


Just me, my Samsung Note 8 and the world.

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Sherry the Smartphoneographer,

Photography wasn’t something Sherry dreamt about or even thought she’d be good at. But Smartphoneography has completely changed her life. Having never taken a course or watched any how-to videos her work comes solely from her need to escape the routine of a stay-at-home Mom.

Sherry’s first year was spent honing her craft and growing a community of supporters on Instagram. Quickly her work began to receive international attention including a position in Moment’s Top Ten emerging mobile photographers.

Since then she has begun working professionally shooting product and lifestyle photos for a diverse group of clients in Kingston, Ontario.

Her artistic expression is not limited to photography as Sherry has built a unique jewellery line which can be purchased on her Etsy store and in person at local festivals around the Kingston area.

Sherry the Maker,

A move across Canada from B.C to Ontario brought with it the birth of a new outlet for Sherry’s creativity. Fuelled by an incredible group of friends and fellow makers, Sherry started making and selling unique one-of-a-kind items that embodied her sense of style and allowed her to connect with her new community.

Sherry Jeffery now has a very identifiable brand presence in southern Ontario and with each successful festival and new wholesale orders from amazing retail partners the momentum grows and her line expands. These are exciting times.