SHErry Jeffery, like all of us, is one of a kind. She embraces and embodies the beautiful power of the feminine in all of us.

More than ever, people in our world today need and deserve a relationship with beauty. Sherry is an architect of beauty, she works like an interior designer who custom assembles and selects just the right pieces in the right combination to adorn the beauty in you, her treasured customer.

To make the most of Sherry’s talents, I’d suggest you book an
in-person or Instagram chat. Let her see your beauty, your preferences, and your spirit. Then, delight as you discover just the right items for that special outfit or your everyday look. Experience your self as a source of beauty that feeds your day and your talents in the world.

For those who feel fairly confident that they know what they want, you can purchase her creations at two downtown Kingston, Ontario locations:

The Nooks – 208 Princess St.

Happy Thoughts – 95 Clarence St.

Kingston Holiday Market – 145 Princess St. (until Dec 22, 2019)

Either way, I trust you will find in her and in her work, the bold, powerful, unapologetic SHE that abides in all of us, waiting to be revealed!

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