Kingston Holiday Market

Kingston Holiday Market 2019

It’s Kingston Holiday Market time everyone!

I’m so excited to be one of eighty artists participating this year. We’ve taken over the Scotia Bank building at Princess and Bagot Street and are filling it with positive energy and amazing one-of-a-kind creations.

I was very happy to have the opportunity on the news today to help promote the market along with Vanessa and Kate.

I am looking forward to once again connecting with you, sharing my new jewelry pieces and playing a small part in your holiday shopping fun!

The market is running Friday Nights and Saturday and Sunday Days.

November 1st to December 22nd
Friday 5:30-8:30pm, Saturday 11-5pm, Sunday 11-3pm
145 Princess St. at Bagot St. in Kingston, Ontario

I will also have my jewelry at the Nooks and at Happy Thoughts so when you’re out and about downtown feel free to drop in and see if something catches your eye.

Even though the holiday season is extremely busy please feel free to connect with me and I will do my best to help you gift the perfect piece to others… and a few for yourself!

Whoot, whoot, made it into the Visit Kingston promo video

Keep Up With Kingston

What an incredible local gift guide. Very well thought out and wonderfully written. I’m so incredibly honored to have been included. Thank you just doesn’t suffice @keepupwithkingston !

The Nooks Kingston – Sherry Jeffery Jewellery

The Nooks Kingston Ontario

I’m thrilled to have a great little retail space as part of The Nooks in downtown Kingston, Ontario at 208 Princess St.

The Nooks is the first Artisan Retail Business Incubator in Canada!

The Nooks is an amazing option for makers like myself.  For a very fair membership fee I am able to have a consistent downtown presence, sell my creations and earn 100% of my sales revenue.

If you are interested in purchasing my newest jewellery creations please check out my Nook and I thank you in advance for your support!

The Nooks Kingston

Shout outs to some of my lovely customers who happily showed off their purchases and showed support by tagging me @sherryjeffery.artist on Instagram.

Below are a few more pieces to give you a better sense of what you’ll find at my Nook.

The Nooks Kingston Ontario

Sherry Jeffery The Nooks

Please feel free to connect with me if you would like to discuss custom jewellery creations, having a Sherry Jeffery pop up shop at your next event or any other ideas you may have.

I hope you had a great summer and I look forward to seeing you this fall.



Doner Studio Art Festival 2019

Doner Studio Art Festival and Sherry Jeffery

The weather was looking like trouble going into the weekend but other than Doner Studio Art Festivalbeing a little bit wet on Sunday morning it was a great event at the Doner Studio Art Festival.

You can’t beat looking out on the Rideau Canal surrounded by the most amazing local artists while happy visitors share lovely compliments and support your work.

Visit the Doner Studio website to learn more about their beautiful history and creative spirit.

For my friends who just can’t wait until my next show at ArtFest, please feel free to connect with me and set up a private shopping date. I have lots of unique creations waiting for you and I’m happy to size and customize.

So yeah I mentioned ArtFest… an awesome three day event that I am excitedly preparing for now. Mark it on your calendars and please visit my shop:

June 29th, 30th and July 1st, 2019
Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 10am-6pm and Monday 10am-6
Bagot | Barrie | King St | West St

Located in beautiful City Park, Kingston. 200+ Artists and Artisans from across Ontario and Quebec are in Kingston for THREE days starting Saturday, Sunday, Monday Canada Day.

I look forward to seeing you at ArtFest and thanks to everyone who made the Doner Studio Art Festival 2019 so fantastic!

More upcoming events live here.

Urban Outfitters Kingston

Urban Outfitters Kingston – Sherry Jeffery Jewellery

What an awesome day at Urban Outfitters. So great to have a large chain invite local vendors in and encourage the community to support them.

Shout out to the store manager Steve who was wonderful to work with and took great care of me. Much love to my maker friends Amelia Rose, Shiva’s Delight, Same Sisters Studios, Here and Now and the Grocery Basket for sharing the day with me.

Enjoy a few pics from the show and please keep an eye on my upcoming events as I would love to see you at the next one!

Sherry Jeffery at Whit and Agent 99

Sherry Jeffery Pop Up Shop on May 11 and 12 – Whit and Agent 99

The pop up shops continue this weekend (May 11th and 12th from 12pm to 5pm) at 239 Princess St, in Kingston.

I am so excited to once again be part of the great energy at Whit and Agent 99. I’ve been so inspired this week making new pieces for you so please check them out and have a chat.

Whit and Agent 99


Happy Thoughts in Kingston


Happy Thoughts in Kingston!

Tomorrow (May 4th) will be soooooooo much fun! I hope you will swing by and see Amelia and I at Happy Thoughts on the corner of Clarence & Wellington (10am to 5pm).

I’m very excited for you to see the new pieces.

The Maker’s Guide to Kingston – Smartphoneography

My name is Sherry Jeffery and I am a Smartphoneographer. Simply put I capture and edit all my images with my smartphone.

It’s like being a traditional photographer but the photo shoot never ends. I always have my gear with me so there’s more opportunity to be spontaneous and less structured.

Early on, Instagram became my platform of choice and it is this process ofMaker's Guide To Kingston growing a community around my art that continues to build my confidence and provide me with great, instant, feedback. @SherryJeffery brings my images to a global audience and connects me daily with inspiring peers and industry opportunities.

Today I want to share with you my process, a few examples of my work and perhaps help you capture and hold onto moments that are unique and precious to you.

As you explore Kingston and beyond, there will be much beauty to take in but as you do I would like you to also think about the number 1.

Sherry Jeffery Photo Tutorial

I am a minimalist.

When capturing meaningful moments I believe it is most powerful when the image focuses the viewer on a single element.

  • 1 focal point
  • 1 mood
  • 1 message

I use smartphoneography to take the noise of my own life and surroundings away. There can be no distractions within my compositions.

That is what I mean when I say think about… 1

It’s my friendly photo challenge to you. Strip away the noise and move your audience with the power of 1.

Let’s begin:


Everyone will be moved by something different so this is a personal journey of exploration. When I’m out I say to myself:

What is my subject?
What will be the perspective?
Will I set the shot up or shoot spontaneously?

SUBJECT: Regardless of which subject becomes your focal point it is important to analyze everything that surrounds the subject and identify what will compliment it versus compete with it within the frame.

PERSPECTIVE: Be willing to do what it takes (even if it’s a bit embarrassing) to give your audience a unique perspective. I lay on the ground, stand on a wall, reach over, under and around to get the shot. Think about the thousands of possible pictures that have been taken of the subject before you and how you can make yours different.

I prefer a straight horizon so I will work to get that with the shot but if necessary achieve it with editing. I also adjust my perspective to eliminate noise within the frame. Another thing I like to do is create my scene and await a transient subject to enter the frame. Sometimes the focal point is the thing moving through the shot and sometimes whatever is moving is just adding depth or scale to the composition.

Be patient… the shot will come.


Your in position and you’ve set up the perfect scene… take the picture and take a lot of them. Take your time and make subtle adjustments as needed. Many times happy accidents will occur and you can simply take credit for the amazing outcome.


I edit every single photo I intend to share. Even with all the work setting up the scene and capturing the shots it isn’t until I edit the photo that I am able to express my personal style and communicate my message.

I don’t want to tell the whole story, I want people to fill in some blanks and make a deeper connection.

I edit all my photos within Instagram. Below are the tools I use most and in the order I use them:

  • Adjust – This is where I straighten and crop. Cropping allows you to control the viewers focus and you should definitely experiment because sometimes what you can’t see is more powerful than what you can.
  • Brighten – as with all editing this comes down to personal taste. I tend to brighten and highlight more often than not because it feels to me more soothing, calming and happy.
  • Shadows – I always play with this feature and usually I am taking the shadows down which means I have to up the contrast.
  • Sharpen – as a last bit of fine tuning I sharpen just a little bit. I find that when I brighten, highlight and then take some of the shadows out it leaves the subject with soft edges and so I like to sharpen that up again.

Ultimately you should use these editing tools and/or apps to experiment until you find your own unique look. Scrolling my Instagram feed you will see quickly that I am a fan of a consistent feel. Minimalism is a technique that I employ in every aspect of my life.

I hope you will also enjoy the power of 1.

Sherry Jeffery Kingston Maker

If you would like to book me for a photo shoot please email

Have an awesome day,