Sherry Jeffery Artist

Hi, I'm Sherry Jeffery. I dislike third person bios and much prefer to talk directly to my friends/customers. First let me say, you are beautiful. Each of us brings unique beauty to the world and an energy that connects and inspires. I'm very happy you have chosen to visit my store.

I have been sharing my passion for modern, minimal, and unique jewelry for many years. I live and work in beautiful Kingston, Ontario where an incredible collection of entrepreneurial women shape this scene and support each other.

As I am creating a piece of jewelry, I'm immersed in a great vibe and I can see your smile in my mind. When you put one of my pieces on I want it to lift you up.

I love to create for and connect with good people. If you're interested please follow and message me on Instagram @sherryjeffery.artist

For wholesale opportunities please email me at    

I hope you are happy, healthy and living your best life!

Sherry Jeffery